Eco-detergent production



Our cleaning Products:

Production of microgranular eco-friendly cleaning products for professional industrial cleanings, horeca and domestic uses.

Line of ecological absorbing oil and fire retardants. Sale neutralizing absorbents.

Mister Dry is the line of cleaning absorbent products to remove oils, fuel oils, paint, hydrocarbons, organic fluids, and is perfect for nautica cleaning to remove mold and algae, stains from boats, ships and yachts using an ecological way without the use of chemical solvents.

Also it can be used to remove many other things quickly, sanitizing and odor-free. Available in cream, pasta and microgranular, each of them with its own specific characteristics.

This products provide the ideal solution for the absorption of any substance on land’s and road’s surface, in addition
Mister Dry Battery solves your troubles’ in the spillage of battery acid being able to absorb and neutralize the sulfuric acid. All in accordance with current regulations.

Our line of products offers a wide range of professional solutions for cleaning respecting the environment.

It was created as a micro-granular absorbent only for quick and easy removal of oils and / or other liquids spilled accidentally, on any type of surface.

Over the years, Mister Dry evolves till the point to boast of an excellent result for the professional cleaning of all surfaces. Our products have been ecologically created to respect the evironment and we can proudly say that they are 100% ecocompatible and biodegradable, all this to offer a valide alternative to chemical commercial products.

Excellent for absorption of hydrocarbons, acrylic paints, nail polish and silicone.

Granular and microgranular products tested and certified in accordance with CE-EU Reach regulation